About ATS Antwerp

Henri Brant was established in 1904 in Antwerp.
We were situated on the Bisschoppenhoflaan in Deurne from 1979 to early 2013.

We moved to our new location on the Bijkhoevelaan in Wijnegem in March 2013.
Since the takeover by the ATS Group end 2011, our range of electrical components and service to industrial customers has grown considerably.
The bulk of our deliveries are made from the ATS Group central warehouse in Merelbeke.

Our new branch in Wijnegem also comprises:
- ample stock
- counter for info and pick-ups
- training infrastructure
- possibilities for demonstrating various technologies from the ATS Group, for example in the area of:

• LED lighting, light design studies & lighting projects
• Access control (AcTis)
• HiRes video solutions and camera surveillance (Mobotix)
• HVAC controls
• Fire detection (Autronica)
• …

Possibilities for round the clock service agreements for express delivery or pick-up of specific electrical components.

The company name of Henri Brant has changed into ATS Antwerp since November 11th 2015;

In a nutshell, an excellent operating base for our agents and for the ATS Group in the Antwerp region.